"The heart of the show, though, comes in the form of Seymour and Audrey (played here with polish and finesse by Cole Smith and Lindsay Nantz). As the show opens, both are down, but don’t count them out. The audience cheers them on as their friendship blossoms into love...The duets between Seymour and Audrey, “Call Back in the Morning” and “Suddenly Seymour” were delightfully saccharine-filled. "

~ Amanda Nelson, Special to The Roanoke Times ~

"The girl group trio of Jordan Leigh McCaskill, Jenia Head and Troy Jackson made every song it backed better (especially Lindsay Nantz’s show-stopping “Suddenly, Seymour”)"

~ Dan Smith, Theatre Blog ~

Little Shop

of Horrors

Suzy Simpson

“And Lindsay Nantz overcomes her charicature role of the ditzy-blonde Suzy with a lot of heart and an energetic mashup of "Rescue Me" and "Respect".”


- Matthew J Palm, Orlando Sentinel~

"Lindsay Nantz plays quirky teenager, Suzy. Nantz doesn't miss a beat or a moment in character. Her voice was good in the first act, however her character's personality required a nasal quality that seemed to hide her bold talent. That being said, she held nothing back and brought it home in "Rescue Me" and "Respect" to close the show. The audience was singing and dancing right along with her stellar vocals"


~ April Montgomery, BroadwayWorld.Com Orlando ~

The Marvelous Wonderettes

Penny Lou Pingleton

“Tracy’s best friend, Penny, is played perfectly by Lindsay Nantz. Nantz’s Penny is amusing and completely dedicated to making sure her friend Tracy fulfills her dream, getting to take off her winged glasses and have her own coming out party, as she meets Seaweed.”


~ Heather Francis, Hernando Today ~

“According to federal law, every rock and roll musical requires a wallflower who cuts loose: the winning Lindsay Nantz is definitely  up to the job.” 


~ Marty Fugate, The Observer ~ 

“Her best gal pal Penny Pingleton (a sprightly Lindsay Nantz) is on board with her, mostly because she is smitten by Seaweed.”


~ Barbara L. Fredricksen, Tampa Bay Times ~

"Tracy is joined by an eclectic group of characters, including her best friend Penny Pingleton (played with great gusto by Lindsay Nantz)"


~ Amanda Nelson, Special to The Roanoke Times ~


"Proving people wrong is probably my favorite thing to do."

 ~ Zooey Deschanel ~