Farewell Audrey...

October 30, 2017

 Oh Man! It's been a week since I closed "Little Shop of Horrors". Saying Good Bye to this Cast, Crew, and Character was really, really hard. I never thought that I'd miss being fed to a blood-thristy plant so much. *lightly sobs*


Audrey...where do I even begin?! She has been on my dream role bucket list for quite some time. Two Legends: Ellen Green & Kerry Butler both played Audrey. Whew, those are some big shoes to fill, but I think I did those ladies proud. I will miss her vibrant spirit, her iconic songs & her knock out wardrobe. I admit I've been looking at leopard print heels online....I also admit I'm having a lot of trouble letting her go.


I cannot even begin to explain the gratitude and love I feel for Alicia, Ginger & Seth for letting me be part of their vision. WOW! It was just such a marvelous journey to find Audrey in rehearsals, watch her grow & share her with the folks in Roanoke, VA. I hope every audience member walked away with a smile & a new understanding of how dangerous florist shops can be. :)


That last show was a toughie. I happily admit that I cried during my "Somewhere That's Green(reprise)"....and how could I not as I looked into my Seymour's sad eyes?! Working with Cole was just the best experience. We got along right away and created the chemistry needed to bring Audrey & Seymour to life. It was just wonderful working with a fellow actor who gives so much to his character.


Don't judge me, but I also cried as he slid me into the plant for the last time because it truly meant my Audrey journey was complete. Ugh, it was a sad moment for me......BUT I pulled it together because I threw the machete after Audrey 2 gobbles up My Beloved Seymour. 

{I know it was truly everyone's favorite part of the show. :-)

It's okay to admit it now.}


I miss Cole, Nick, Jason, Josh (plant party), Jordan, Jenia, Troy & Reggie daily. I'm so glad to know them and cannot wait to see where their careers take them. (Hopefully back to a stage with me sooner rather than later)

They are all too talented not to book ALL the things! 


Until Next Time Skid Row...




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