2018...What A Ride...

March 1, 2019

This is the whirlwind that was 2018....


I spent my holiday season at Show Palace Dinner Theatre performing in "A Doo Wop Christmas". It was a precious story of a teenager finding her Christmas spirit thru Doo Wop music that she used to listen to with her Grandpa. It was a cute story...and the audiences LOVED it. I just liked being part of a trio of ladies that ruled a 3 part harmony. We sang hits like "Sleigh Ride" & "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"...among others. If I had to be away from My family for all of the holidays (Thanksgiving, My Birthday, Christmas)...it was nice to share the time with my Show Palace Family. I loved this cast. They made 8 shows a week so fun & filled with love.



Right after I did a double of "A Doo Wop Christmas" on Christmas Day...I drove to Jacksonville, FL (arrived around 2 AM, boy I was tired) to begin rehearsals for "The Marvelous Wonderettes" at Alhambra Dinner Theatre on the 26th. I'm currently playing Suzy Simpson! (Again!) What a joy! She is a hilarious character that I'm so happy to be revisiting. It's amazing the things you rediscover and the new things you bring to a character the second time around. I missed her. The Laugh, The Gum, The Low Notes, The Songs.

I accepted my Equity Card (as Suzy in Wonderettes) and though it was a VERY tough choice to make, I'm so glad I did it. It feels awesome to be a part of the Union and protected as an Actor!

September & October brought me "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Reflect Up?" at Alhambra Theatre & Dining in Jacksonville, FL. I had never heard of the show, so I was very excited to work on something unknown to me. I must admit, since I didn't attend Catholic School A LOT of the jokes went over my head. I had trouble connecting with some of the material because of that, BUT once I figured out what parts were funny (with the help of cast members) I understood why folks love the show. It's a charming & hysterical piece of theatre. Literally.... almost EVERY SINGLE LINE gets a laugh. It's a really fun piece of theatre to perform. Each character finds moments to come into their own and it was so fun being a part of these kids journey. Yes kids! We play characters that go from 2nd graders to adults....talk about a characters arc. lol I had a blast with all these fantastic actors playing around and being a bunch of goofs! I truly will miss each and everyone of them!


 Read onto the next post to see how I ended my MARVELOUS 2018 year.... *wink wink*


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