I AM Suzy Snowflake

March 1, 2019


I ended 2018 diving back into the crazy life of The Wonderettes at Winter Park Playhouse in Orlando, FL! 


SIDE NOTE: At this point....can I just tour as Suzy Simpson around the world in a MARVELOUS Bubble?!?! I just love her so much.

She is such a fun character to bring to life and makes

me realize we have VERY similar qualities! 

(Anyone Touring Wonderettes & need a Suzy?...Bueller? Bueller? lol)


In "Winter Wonderettes" Suzy gets to sing Christmas favorites like: "The Man with the Bag", "Donde Esta Santa Claus?", "Suzy Snowflake" & "Marshmallow World"...just to name a few.  The Wonderettes as a whole get to sing(this is just a small group of the many songs we tackle): "Run, Run Rudolph", "Mister Santa", "Santa Baby", "Winter Wonderettes" and "Snowfall". I must admit I was so excited to learn "Snowfall"! I love a song with tight harmonies, which is good since that is what Wonderettes is all about musically! 


It is one of the most challenging shows I have ever done, which you would not guess since I literally dressed up as a snowflake and tap danced. Musically, it was in a lower register for me and a lot of my lines required me to be talking over the band or a particularly loud "santa bell". I had so much fun, but man...was my voice tired.


Winter Park Playhouse is where I originally did Wonderettes & they brought the first cast back, which was a dream! We all work so well together and our blend was out of this world! I'm hoping they bring us back in a year or 2 to perform the newest Wonderettes show called Dream On! (70s Music!!)


One can only hope....cross your fingers!



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