Give Yourself Permission To Shine...

September 7, 2019

Y'all... I just closed Matilda The Musical at Titusville Playhouse as Mrs. Wormwood. I have had the time of my life bringing this colorful lady to the stage. The song "Loud" is no joke...just screaming....and being...well, LOUD....BUT although Looks are in fact NOT more important than books...she does have some very inspiring lines in her song. She is a villain in the show, but you have to admit that she does mean well...or at least tries to...maybe? :-/


two of my favorite lines are:

"Girl, you gotta learn to stand up, and stick out from the crowd"

"You gotta give yourself permission to shine, to stand up and be proud"


Truly, these lines hit home. She is basically saying you have to give yourself one else will do it for you. This is true in this crazy world that we live in. Everyone can relate to picking themselves up emotionally or physically & jumping back confidently into this game called Life. 


One thing that was absolutely brilliant about this production was the talent level of the children. WOW! Every day I was in awe of them...and frankly, nervous because the majority of them wanted to be Mrs. Wormwood. Seriously, they knew all my lines, blocking & choreography...which was adorable and unnerving. I learned so much from each of heart grew a thousand times, not that I am a Grinch or anything...ugh, you know what I mean. Basically, the children were the BEST and I want to be just like them when I grow up. Hmmm that reminds me, I never got to swing :-( Ah, oh time, maybe?

 i'll miss you crazy mrs. w! hopefully we will see each other soon.


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